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Ninety-nine percent of intrusions result from the exploitation of known vulnerabilities. Take the ultimate test to detect vulnerabilities in your SAP systems before the attackers

Protect your SAP systems from cyber attack. Transform the security baseline by implementing a proven strategy to safeguard systems against advanced threats

SAP systems are not secure by default. Take a proactive approach to secure your systems before go-live

Securing SAP systems is a complex technical challenge. Our security training goes beyond role maintenance to transfer the skills required to protect systems from advanced cyber threats

Empower your organization by securing custom code against backdoors, injections, XSS and other vulnerabilities

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Most business leaders rate the threat of cyber attack as a key strategic risk
Source: Lloyd's Risk Index, 2013
80% of investors would not invest in companies with a history of cyber attacks
Source: HB Gary, 2013
The annual cost of intellectual property theft in the U.S is $13 billion
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2012
Data breaches increased by 27.5% in 2014
Source: Identity Theft Resource Center, 2015
The average cost of a data breach is $3.5 million
Source: Ponemon Institute, 2015
Cyber risks could lead to $3 trillion in lost growth by 2020
Source: McKinsey & Co. and World Economic Forum, 2014