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Cybersecurity Protection for SAP Systems

2 out of 3 SAP systems experience security breaches. Protect your SAP applications against cyber threats with the Cybersecurity Extension for SAP Solutions

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Cybersecurity Extension for SAP Solutions

Leading cybersecurity protection for cloud and on-premise SAP applications including S/4HANA and HANA platforms.

SAP Cybersecurity Assessment

Layer Seven Security provides industry-leading experience, expertise and insight to secure your SAP technology stack including network, operating system, database and application components.

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SAP Penetration Testing

Test your defences and discover vulnerabilities in your SAP systems before the attackers. Reveal the business impact of successful exploits against your SAP platform.

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Automated vulnerability scanning for SAP applications, databases, hosts and custom programs.


Anomaly and threat detection for SAP event logs.


Best practices for incident response and forensic investigations.

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