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Secure your SAP Systems Against Cyber Attack

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Act Today
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Secure your SAP Systems Against Cyber Attack

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Secure the Network
Protect Remote Function Calls
Control Access to Basis Functions
Manage the Configuration
Maintain Log Information

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Layer Seven Security serves customers worldwide to secure SAP systems from cyber threats. The company employs an integrated strategy to build layered controls and realize the potential of SAP software.

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Layer Seven Security delivers industry-leading experience, expertise and insight to combat cyber threats against SAP systems. Our solutions and services are designed to harden the entire SAP technology stack for end-to-end security. We enable organizations to unlock the value of SAP systems by leveraging SAP-delivered components that provide a cost-effective alternative to third party security software.


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build layered controls for defense in depth

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SAP CSO Recommends Solution Manager for Security Monitoring

SAP Chief Security Officer, Justin Somaini, opened the first of a series of five webcasts from the America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) on the topic of SAP security. The series is intended to present SAP’s response to the growing concern over cybersecurity by discussing: The IT threat landscape a ...

Detecting SAP Cyber Attacks with SAP Solution Manager

Despite the $75 billion spent by organizations on security software in 2015, average times to detection for cyber attacks are an astounding 170 days (DBIR, 2016). Most attacks therefore go undetected for almost six months. An incident response strategy can address this gap by enabling organizations ...

SAP Security Notes – August 2016

Note 2319506 addresses a blind SQL injection vulnerability in Database Monitors for Oracle. The vulnerability impacts all versions of SAP Basis and rates extremely high on the impact scale using the common vulnerability scoring system. Content-based and time-based blind SQL injection is used by atta ...

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