Secure Your Custom SAP Code Against Injection, Scripting, Hijacking and Other Attacks

Perform a static code analysis using SAP benchmarks to remove vulnerabilities in custom code that could expose your SAP applications to cyber attack

Code vulnerability management is the cornerstone of a robust SAP security strategy

Proactively detecting and removing vulnerabilities in custom applications is a proven method to secure custom programs and reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack against SAP systems.

Perform static code scans to detect vulnerabilities in custom programs

Static Code Scans

Discover unauthorized changes in your custom code base

Detect Code Changes

Establish secure software development procedures

Secure Development Procedures

Identify and remove redundant code

Reduce the Attack Surface

SAP demonstrates a high level of commitment to delivering secure software solutions for its customers. It embeds strong security standards at the development level and subjects all code to a series of quality gates for security prior to ramp up and general availability.

65% SAP platforms experience security breaches.

Secure Custom ABAP Programs against SAP Security Standards

Custom-developed applications often fall short of such standards. As a result, SAP systems are frequently vulnerable to dangerous exploits that target programming flaws in custom objects. This includes exploits such as buffer overflows that lead applications to execute malicious code, cross-site scripting which enables attackers to hijack user sessions or redirect them to malicious sites, and SQL injection that targets dynamic database queries. The devastating impact of such exploits can include data manipulation or theft and the interruption of mission-critical SAP services.

Layer Seven Security performs comprehensive security reviews of ABAP programs to assess the quality of internally developed or third-party delivered code. This includes the detection of vulnerabilities such as backdoors, rootkits, hardcoded users, missing or broken authorization checks, SQL and code injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, and session hijacking

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Reduce the Attack Surface for Custom Code

We work closely with customers to implement secure development procedures including static code reviews that align with best practices and SAP programming guidelines. We also identify and remove cloned or idle code to minimize the potential attack surface and ensure that resources are not devoted to securing code that does not serve business needs. This approach significantly reduces remediation efforts, enabling customers to secure their custom programs sooner and at a lower cost.

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