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Schedule a Penetration Test to Discover Vulnerabilities in Your SAP Systems Before Attackers

Simulate cyber attacks against your SAP systems to reveal the business impact of security breaches in mission-critical applications and infrastructure

Layer Seven’s SAP Penetration Testing service provides the ultimate test for your SAP systems.

Maintain secure system configurations

Test your Defenses

Determine the business impact of successful exploits

Determine the Business Impact of Successful Exploits

Detect exploitable vulnerabilities

Detect Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Prioritize remediation efforts

Prioritize Remediation Efforts

The service demonstrates and raises awareness of the devastating impact of cyber attacks to your business-critical SAP systems. It enables you to intelligently manage vulnerabilities and avoid the pitfalls of successful security breaches.

Penetration testing is recommended for all environments. However, it is most valuable during the introduction of new infrastructure and systems, significant upgrades or enhancements, and changes in security practices and procedures. It enables organizations to identify and remove risks that are proven to be discoverable, exploitable and impactful.

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Free Guide to Securing SAP Systems

Reconnaissance – Scanning – Exploitation – Reporting

SAP systems provide attackers with a wide attack surface. Our experienced security specialists employ both manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack against your systems. We mimic the behavior of potential hackers to identify and fingerprint SAP targets in your network. Once detected, we identify misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities in SAP components, services and work processes to formulate an attack methodology.

Finally, we execute a series of attack vectors against targets in order to systematically compromise servers and access sensitive data. In doing so, we demonstrate the real-world impact of a security breach without modifying or disrupting systems.

Black and White Box Testing with DREAD Threat Modelling

We perform both white box penetration tests to simulate attacks by malicious insiders and black box tests to replicate methods used by external hackers. Attack methodologies and results are documented in detail and conveyed through business-friendly executive summaries and technical reports. Prioritized risk ratings are based on the DREAD threat model to convey the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, affected assets and discoverability of each finding. Step-by-step recommendations to remove vulnerabilities exploited during penetration tests are also included in the deliverables provided by Layer Seven Security.


  • Reveal the business impact of cyber attacks against mission-critical SAP systems.
  • Benchmarking against industry standards and SAP recommendations.
  • Gap assessment for PCI-DSS, NIST and IT-SOX compliance frameworks.
  • Risk-based remediation guidance including detailed instructions for removing vulnerabilities.


  • Executive summary including overview of results, key findings and recommendations.
  • Detailed Report including full disclosure of detected vulnerabilities, risks, priority and remediation steps.
  • Remediation Effort Plan based on and complexity, duration and resource requirements.

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