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Act today to perform a Cybersecurity assessment to discover weaknesses that could expose your SAP systems to cyber attack

Layer Seven Security leverage SAP-recommended security applications to discover vulnerabilities that expose SAP systems to cyber threats.

This includes misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities in SAP solutions including S/4HANA and HANA systems.

Secure SAP Networks

Protect remote function calls

Protect Remote Function Calls

Control access to administrative function

Control Admin Access

Enable Forensics 

Maintain secure system configurations

Secure System Configurations 

Implement Defense in Depth to Secure Business Critical SAP Systems

The layered control strategy supported by assessments is based on best practices and SAP security recommendations. Our experienced security architects work closely with your organization to implement end-to-end protection for the entire SAP technology stack.

SAP cybersecurity assessments provide a comprehensive gap assessment for a wide range of control frameworks and deliver detailed directions to close security gaps. The DREAD threat model is used to rate and prioritize risks and illustrate the business impact of cyber threats.

90% of SAP systems are vulnerable to exploits

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Free Guide to Securing SAP Systems


  • Reveal the business impact of cyber attacks against mission-critical SAP systems
  • Benchmarking against industry standards and SAP recommendations
  • Gap assessment for PCI-DSS, NIST and IT-SOX compliance frameworks
  • Risk-based remediation guidance including detailed instructions for removing vulnerabilities


  • Executive summary including overview of results, key findings and recommendations
  • Detailed Report including full disclosure of detected vulnerabilities, risks, priority and remediation steps
  • Remediation Effort Plan based on and complexity, duration and resource requirements

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