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Code Vulnerability Analysis for SAP

Secure custom SAP programs against code injection, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and other attacks

Fast, automated vulnerability scanning for custom SAP programs

Code Vulnerability Analysis for SAP performs static and dynamic scans to detect vulnerabilities in custom SAP programs. The tool applies 1,000+ test cases to reveal security weaknesses in internal or third-party developed ABAP and UI5 applications. This includes vulnerabilities such as hardcoded users, passwords, and other backdoors, code injection, OS command injection, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, missing or insufficient authorization checks, and calls to sensitive programs, tables, transactions and other objects. Code Vulnerability Analysis for SAP integrates with existing development tools such as the ABAP Test Cockpit and Eclipse Tools. It also integrates with the Transport Management System to detect and block transport requests containing insecure code.

  • Static application security scanning for SAP ABAP and UI5 programs during development and test life cycles
  • Dynamic application security scanning during code compilation including transport requests
  • Interactive application security scanning including scheduled scans to detect changes in productive applications
  • Detection of insecure communications and APIs in custom programs
  • Detailed risk analysis and remediation guidance for developers to correct insecure program code
  • Detection of calls for critical authorizations, function modules, reports, tables, and transactions by custom programs

Code Vulnerability Analysis for SAP is available as a standalone solution. It is also included with subscriptions for the Cybersecurity Extension for SAP.

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