New malware variant suggests cybercriminals are targeting SAP systems

Security researchers at last week’s RSA Europe Conference in Amsterdam revealed the discovery of a new variant of a widespread Trojan program that has been modified to search for SAP systems. This form of reconnaissance is regarded by security experts as the preliminary phase of a planned attack against SAP systems orchestrated by cybercriminals. The malware targets configuration files within SAP client applications containing IP addresses and other sensitive information related to SAP servers and can also be used to intercept user passwords. Read More

The program is adapted from ibank, a Trojan that is most well-known for targeting online banking systems. Ibank is one of the most prevalent Trojans used in financial attacks, based on number of infected systems. It is often deployed together with the Zeus Trojan to harvest system credentials and is assigned a variety of names including Trojan.PWS.Ibank, Backdoor.Win32.Shiz, Trojan-Spy.Win32.Shiz and Backdoor.Rohimafo. Once installed, the program operates within whitelisted services such as svchost.exe and services.exe and is therefore difficult to detect. It also blocks well-known anti-virus programs. Ibank installs a backdoor on infected systems, enabling remote control of infected hosts. It also provides spying functions and the ability to filter or modify network traffic and change routing tables.  The program uses a wide number of APIs to log keystrokes, capture logon credentials, identify, copy and export files and certificates, and perform other malicious activities.

SAP customers are strongly advised to secure SAP installations against the threat of such an attack. Layer Seven Security use SAP-certified software to identify and remove vulnerabilities that expose SAP systems to cyber-attack. This includes misconfigured clients, unencrypted interfaces, and remotely accessible components and services targeted by attackers. Contact Layer Seven Security to schedule a no-obligation proof-of-concept (PoC).  PoCs can be performed against up to three targets selected from a cross-section of SAP systems and environments. Read More

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