Cybersecurity Extension for SAP with SAP Focused Run

SAP Focused Run (FRUN) is a Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution designed for real-time and high-volume system monitoring. It benefits from a more simplified and scalable architecture than other ALM platforms such as SAP Solution Manager (SolMan). Also, unlike SolMan, it runs exclusively with SAP HANA.

System monitoring using FRUN is supported through the deployment of the Simple Diagnostics Agent (SDA) to target systems. The SDA is integrated with the SAP Host Agent in SAP solutions. It collects and forwards metrics from systems to FRUN using HTTPS. System connections are routed through reverse proxies such as the Web Dispatcher. The SAP Host Agent, SDA and Web Dispatcher are included in RISE system builds and landscapes. Therefore, RISE systems can be monitored by both customers and service providers using SAP Focused Run.

FRUN supports monitoring for all SAP solutions and cloud services. This includes the public and private editions of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, ECC, HANA platform, SAP Cloud, SuccessFactors/ HXM, Ariba, Concur, AS ABAP/ Java, Cloud Connector, Business Objects, Enterprise Portal, Mobile Platform, CRM, Business Warehouse, PI/PO, MII and Web Dispatcher. It also supports monitoring for OS and database platforms, and SAP BTP. Steps for monitoring the ABAP, Cloud Foundry, and Neo environments of BTP are detailed in the FRUN Expert Portal.

SAP Focused Run supports advanced monitoring capabilities such as Real User Monitoring. This can be used to monitor user actions for detailed forensics. It also supports System Anomaly Prediction for detecting and investigating anomalies based on predefined models and risks, and advanced Integration and Exception Monitoring for analyzing the usage of system interfaces.

The Cybersecurity Extension for SAP integrates with FRUN to perform advanced security monitoring for SAP solutions, including vulnerability and compliance management, patch management, custom code scanning, and threat detection and response. The SAP-certified solution leverages FRUN applications and components to discover system, code and user-related vulnerabilities, calculate required security notes, and detect security incidents and anomalies.

The Cybersecurity Extension for SAP is accessed from the Fiori launchpad for SAP Focused Run. FRUN users with the required roles can access the solution using the workgroup below. Systems are automatically mapped from the Landscape and Management Database (LMDB). Also, multi-tenancy for customer separation is automatically enforced through network and customer IDs configured by service providers in FRUN.

Deploying the Cybersecurity Extension for SAP to FRUN provides a more reliable and scalable option than deploying to Solution Manager.  It also delivers improved performance with lower maintenance in comparison to SolMan.  SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager are the current deployment options supported for the standard edition of the Cybersecurity Extension for SAP. A third option is planned for early 2025 that would enable SAP customers to deploy the solution to NetWeaver AS ABAP systems such as SAP GRC. For SAP RISE customers, the cloud edition of the Cybersecurity Extension for SAP provides a SaaS option that does not require deployment to an SAP system.

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