SAP Security Notes, April 2024

Note 3434839 deals with a high-priority security misconfiguration in the User Management Engine of SAP NetWeaver AS Java. User passwords created using self-registration are not subject to password complexity requirements defined in UME settings. The misconfiguration impacts version 7.50 of AS Java. The password policy can be enforced by updating the impacted software components to the recommended versions specified in the note. Disabling user self-registration and the ability of users to modify their profiles is recommended a temporary workaround if the components cannot be upgraded in a reasonable timeframe.

Note 3421384 patches an information disclosure vulnerability in the Web Intelligence application of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence that could enable attackers to access sensitive operating system information. The note includes support package patches to address the vulnerability. Since the vulnerability arises from the reading of arbitrary Excel files, a workaround can be applied by removing the service Excel Data Access from all Adaptive Processing Servers.

Note 3438234 addresses a directory traversal vulnerability in SAP Asset Accounting caused by insufficient validation of user-provided path information. The correction included in the note verifies the path information against logical filenames. The vulnerable programs RAALTE00 and RAALTD01 can be protected using authorization groups as a workaround.

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