SAP Security Notes, December 2019

Note 2871877 patches multiple high priority vulnerabilities in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Workbenches in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). This includes missing authorizations checks for authenticated users that could lead to an escalation of privileges, and directory traversal caused by insufficient path validation. The latter vulnerability could enable attackers to read, overwrite, delete, or corrupt files in effected servers. Corrections are packaged in a transport included in the Note.

Note 2734675 provides automated and manual corrections for missing authorization checks in SAP Cash Management. The corrections introduce checks for vulnerable function modules including BAPI_FCLM_BAM_AMD_BNKANT and BAPI_HOUSE_BANK_REPLICATE. The function modules support replication of Bank Account Management (BAM) master data between SAP S/4HANA Finance systems.

Finally, Note 2730227 removes missing authorization checks in the historical data processing component of SAP Central Payments introduced in Note 2651431. SAP Central Payments is part of SAP Central Finance and supports centralized payments and clearing activities in central systems instead of source systems.

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