SAP Security Notes, February 2020

Note 2841053 patches a high risk Denial of Service (DOS) Vulnerability in the SAP Host Agent. Username/password-based authentication requests for the SAP Host Agent are delegated to operating systems or LDAP, Active Directory and other authentication platforms. Operating systems and authentication platforms often include mechanisms to limit parallel logon requests in order to protect against brute force attacks. This could lead to delayed responses to logon requests. Note 2841053 recommends blocking access from untrusted networks to the Host Agent ports 1128 and 1129. Alternatively, access to the Host Agent can be bound to specific IP addresses or hostnames defined in the value for profile parameter service/hostname or using an access control list specified in the host_profile of the agent. Another option is to disable username/password-based authentication and only allow certificate-based authentication using the value disabled for the host profile parameter saphostagent/authentication_method.

Notes 2878030 and 2877968 deal with missing input validation vulnerabilities in SAP Landscape Management. Attackers with admin privileges could exploit the vulnerabilities to execute malicious commands with root privileges in the SAP Host Agent through Landscape Management. The options for SAP Landscape Management Internal Operation Check and LVMIntOpOld should be enabled before applying the corrections in the support package referenced in the notes. RuntimeInternalOperationValidator should be executed after the corrections are applied to activate the fixes in all hosts.

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