SAP Security Notes, June 2022

Note 3158375 patches a high priority vulnerability in the SAProuter that can be exploited by attackers to execute administration commands from remote clients. The SAProuter is designed to accept administration commands from local clients only. However, this restriction can be bypassed in installations with specific entries in the saprouttab, the root permission table for the SAProuter. Entries that use the P or S prefix with a wildcard in target host and either a wildcard in the target port or the default port 3299 are vulnerable to the exploit. The use of wildcards in target host and target port for P and S entries is not recommended by SAP. Refer to SAP note 1895350 for details. The use of specific hostnames or IP addresses for target hosts will provide a temporary fix for the vulnerability. However, SAProuter versions 7.22 and 7.53 should be patched to patch levels 1119 and 1011, respectively, to permanently address the vulnerability. Kernel patches are also included in note 3158375.

Note 3197005 deals with a privilege escalation vulnerability in SAP PowerDesigner Proxy. The vulnerability can enable attackers with non-administrative privileges to work around a system’s root disk access restrictions to write or create a program file on the system disk root path, which could then be executed with the elevated privileges of the application during application start up or reboot.

Note 2726124 patches missing authorization checks in multiple components of SAP Automotive Solutions that can also lead users to escalate privileges.

Note 3147498 removes an access control gap in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java to restrict access to remote objects such as adminadapter services.

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