SAP Security Notes, November 2022

Hot news note 3243924 for CVE-2022-41203 patches a critical vulnerability related to insecure deserialization of untrusted data in the Central Management Console (CMC) and BI Launchpad of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (BOBJ). The vulnerability impacts versions 4.2 and 4.3 of BOBJ and can be exploited by threat actors to bypass authentication, inject malicious code, or provoke a denial of service. As a workaround, customers can first backup and then delete the files in the following folders of the Tomcat directory:



The workaround disables the selection of the format in the creation of a Publication or a Schedule. It will cause a HTTP 404 page in the Format area when trying to schedule a document. This impacts the CMC only. There is no impact on the BI Launchpad.

Note 3256571 for CVE-2022-41214 addresses multiple high-risk directory traversal vulnerabilities in NetWeaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP). The vulnerability is caused by insufficient path validation that enables attackers to access remote-enabled function modules to read and delete restricted files in AS ABAP.

Note 3249990 deals with denial of service vulnerabilities in SQlite bundled with SAPUI5 that can be triggered by array-bounds overflow.

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