SAP Security Notes, October 2019

Hot News Note 2828682 patches a vulnerability in SAP Landscape Management Enterprise that could lead to the disclosure of critical information. Although the notes carries a CVSS score of 9.1/10, the vulnerability addressed by the note can only be executed under specific, uncommon conditions. In addition to implementing SAP Landscape Management 3.0 SP12 Patch 02, the corrections in the note include manual instructions for removing confidential information from insecure locations such as logs and archives, and sensitive data exported from XML files.

Note 2826015 patches a critical missing authentication check in the AS2 Adapter of the B2B Add-On for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. The Note provides support package patches for AS2 Adapter 1.0 and 2.0. SAP also recommends confirming the property named for the application named is set to its default value IAIK.

Note 2792430 addresses a high risk binary planting vulnerability in SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP IQ and SAP Dynamic Tiering. The platforms use a file search algorithm that can result in the inadvertent access of files located in directories outside of the paths specified by users. The successful exploitation of binary planting vulnerabilities can lead to information disclosure, file corruption or deletion, privilege elevation and DLL hijacking.

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