SAP Security Notes, August 2023

Hot news note 3341460 patches multiple critical vulnerabilities in the data modelling and management solution SAP PowerDesigner. This includes an access control vulnerability for CVE-2023-37483 that has a CVSS score of 9.8/10. The vulnerability can be exploited by attackers to execute arbitrary queries against back-end databases via proxies. It also includes an information disclosure vulnerability that can enable threat actors to access password hashes in client memory. SAP PowerDesigner Client and Proxy should be upgraded to version 16.7 SP06 PL04 or 16.7 SP07 to patch the vulnerabilities. The patches include fixes for proxy side authentication and authorization, and logging of attempted access control violations.

SAP PowerDesigner is also impacted by a code injection vulnerability addressed by note 3341599. SAP SQL Anywhere bundled with some versions of PowerDesigner allows an attacker with local access to take control of the application by loading malicious libraries that can be executed by PowerDesigner. The note recommends upgrading to SP07 PL01 that includes a patched version of SQL Anywhere that does not load custom unicode extension DLL by default.

Note 3344295 addresses a high-risk authentication bypass vulnerability in the SAP Message Server.  The vulnerability can be addressed by applying the kernel patches specified in the note. However, the related exploits can be mitigated by setting the profile parameter system/secure_communication to ON, protecting the internal port of the Message Server, and setting the trace level to a value lower than 2.

Notes 3317710 and 3312047 patch binary hijack and denial of service vulnerabilities in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBJ).

Note 3346500 removes the ability for users to authenticate with an empty passphrase in SAP Commerce Cloud by changing the default value of the configuration property user.password.acceptEmpty from true to false.

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