SAP Security Notes, March 2022

Note 3123396 patches SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and the Web Dispatcher for CVE-2022-22536. This is related to the ICMAD (Internet Communication Manager Advanced Desync) vulnerability that was the subject of alerts from multiple threat intelligence agencies including CISA and CERT-EU.

ICMAD is a memory corruption vulnerability that can be exploited through a single HTTP request to fully compromise SAP systems, remotely and without authentication. This impacts AS ABAP and the Web Dispatcher when they are accessed through an HTTP gateway. For AS ABAP, the gateway could be the Web Dispatcher. The vulnerability does not impact direct access to SAP application servers.  SAP Kernels and Web Dispatchers should be updated to the minimum patch levels detailed in the note. The workaround detailed in note 3137885 can be applied as a stop-gap measure if the patches cannot be implemented at short notice. For access through the Web Dispatcher, refer to 3137885 to ensure that Web Dispatcher installations meet the minimum patch level. To apply the workaround, the profile parameter wdisp/additional_conn_close should be set to TRUE. For more details, refer to note 3138881.

Note 3123427 patches ICMAD in AS Java. The workaround recommended in the note can be applied using the parameter setting icm/handle_http_pipeline_requests=FALSE if support for HTTP pipeline requests is not required.

The central note 3131047 for the critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Apache Log4J 2 component was updated with the addition of security note 3154684. The new note patches Log4Shell in the mobile solution SAP Work Manager.

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