Security Patching for SAP Solutions

The risk of unpatched systems is consistently reported as one of the top three threats to SAP systems in every survey of SAP customers performed by SAPinsider since 2021. Regularly implementing SAP security notes is reported as the most significant action performed by organizations to secure their SAP solutions. Security notes provide include corrections for known vulnerabilities in SAP software. They are released by SAP on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month.

Keeping up with SAP patches is reported as the first or second greatest cybersecurity challenge confronted by SAP customers. This is due to several factors including:

  • High volume of security notes
  • Maintaining system availability
  • Validating calculated notes
  • Scheduling downtime
  • Prioritizing security notes
  • Resource constraints

The whitepaper Security Patching for SAP Solutions from Layer Seven Security includes best practices to overcome these challenges. It provides a comprehensive framework for discovering, analyzing and implementing SAP security notes. The whitepaper includes clear and practical recommendations from the leaders in SAP cybersecurity to automate and optimize security patching procedures for SAP.


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