Managing Security with SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is the second most widely deployed SAP product after ECC. In other words, there are more installations of SolMan in the world than there are for products such as BI, PI, CRM and SRM. This isn’t surprising when you take into account that SolMan is for IT what ECC is for business: it drives the entire system lifecycle including design, deployment and maintenance. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring system operations, managing changes, provisioning users, and a score of other core IT services. Yet, despite it’s versatility and widespread deployment, most organizations fall short of leveraging the full potential of SolMan. This is especially the case for system security.

Other than central user administration, earlywatch alerts, and system recommendations, most SAP customers are in the dark when it comes to other tools in SolMan that could be used to further security. This includes tools to manage and secure custom code (Clone Finder, Coverage Analyzer), identify security risks (SOS), and validate compliance using customer-specific security policies (Configuration Validation). The SAP paper Managing Security with SAP Solution Manager is intended to bridge this gap by informing customers how to realize the potential of SolMan for security. According to SAP, SolMan’s deep connectivity into systems, it’s central position in each landscape, and its link to the SAP extranet provides the ideal platform for defining, implementing and sustaining secure system landscapes. The paper can be downloaded directly from SAP using this link.

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