SAP Security Notes, May 2017

Note 2380277 addresses a high priority memory corruption vulnerability in the GUI control component of the Internet Graphics Server (IGS). GUI control is a self-contained component of the presentation server in ABAP systems. The Note contains corrections for logical errors in memory management within the component. The errors could be exploited by attackers to extract sensitive information or perform a denial of service by provoking a buffer overflow or underflow. This is caused by specially crafted commands or objects that force GUI Control to perform out-of-bounds memory reads. For detailed information, refer to CVE-2015-8540.

Note 2462813 provides instructions for securing dynamic selections in SQL queries using the function module FREE_SELECTIONS_RANGE_2_WHERE. The instructions are intended to mitigate SQL injection attacks against the Revenue Accounting application in SAP ERP. Successful SQL injection exploits can lead attackers to perform administrative database operations including reading, modifying and deleting sensitive data.

Note 2433777 deals with authorization errors in the ABAP File Interface used to edit files stored in SAP application servers. The Interface does not effectively perform authority checks for file or path names containing specific control characters. This could enable attackers to access restricted files. As a result, the corrections packaged with the Note disable the ABAP statements OPEN DATASET and DELETE DATASET for file names with control characters.

Note 2441560  removes a denial of service vulnerability in SAPCAR that could be exploited by attackers to gain root access to  servers processing prepared archives. SAPCAR is a utility that is used to compress and decompress files delivered by SAP. SAPCAR 7.21 should be updated to patch level 816 or higher to address the vulnerability.

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