SAP Security Notes, June 2021

Hot News note 3040210 patches a critical remote code execution vulnerability in Source Rules of SAP Commerce. The vulnerability affects both on-premise installations of SAP Commerce and SAP Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud. SAP Commerce Backoffice application allows certain authorized users to create source rules which are translated to drools rule when published to certain modules within the application. An attacker with this authorization can inject malicious code in the source rules and perform remote code execution. Note 3040210 addresses this vulnerability by adding validation and output encoding when processing Promotion Rules and other Source Rules. Customers that do not wish to install the patch can apply a workaround by adjusting the permissions that grant create and change privileges to the SourceRule type. The goal of the workaround is to ensure that only highly trusted employees have such privileges.

Notes 3021197, 3020209 and 302010 deal with multiple high-risk memory corruption vulnerabilities in SAP NetWeaver ABAP. The multiples could be exploited to perform a denial of service using specially crafted requests targeted at the Dispatcher process, SAP Gateway, and SAP Enqueue Server.

Note 3053066 removes a missing XML validation vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver AS Java that could enable attackers to read files in the file system or crash SAP services using specially crafted XML files. The note enables blocking of external entities via the XML parser.

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