Securing Your Business: Security at SAP

In an open letter addressed to SAP customers earlier this year, SAP CEO Bill McDermott acknowledges the “tremendous concern around information security” given the “relentless and multiplying” threat presented by increasingly sophisticated attackers. The letter introduces the SAP paper Securing Your Business that discusses security trends and outlines SAP’s response to cyber threats.

According to the paper, cyber threats are driven by the growth in the volume of enterprise data, the growing value of data, the increasing connectivity and vulnerability of endpoints, and the commercialization of attacks.

The paper also discusses weaknesses in traditional security technologies such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems that are routinely bypassed by advanced and often encrypted exploits. The paper recognizes that attackers target enterprises systems such as SAP given the extensive and valuable data stored and processed by such systems.

The paper concludes by presenting SAP’s portfolio of products for preventing, detecting and responding to security breaches.  This includes Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Code Vulnerability Analysis.  The paper also cites services and tools available in SAP Solution Manager including SOS and System Recommendations.

Other important areas for security in SAP Solution Manager include Configuration Validation (ConVal). ConVal performs daily, automated scans for hundreds of vulnerabilities in SAP systems and is therefore an important preventative tool for responding to cyber threats. Furthermore, areas such as the monitoring and alerting infrastructure of SAP Solution Manager monitor SAP logs for signs of malicious attacks and generate alerts to warn responders of potential security breaches. Finally, tools such as Usage Procedure Logging, Solution Documentation and Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) identify application and functional areas impacted by Security Notes to increase the speed of response for SAP patches.

In contrast to many of the products outlined in the paper, SAP Solution Manager is installed in most SAP landscapes and therefore does not require any additional licensing. Contact Layer Seven Security to discuss how to implement advanced security monitoring and respond to cyber threats by optimizing your SAP Solution Manager.

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